Private structure logo. Today we will be introducing the sexy line Momentum Orange!

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It's been cold and hot, and the difference in temperature continues every day, but are you feeling unwell? ! How are you doing? !

Today, I would like to introduce you to the MomentamOrange series, which is a particularly sexy line among private structures!

Private Structure Sexy Line Momentum Orange. The design on the front is very unique and sexy, with a garter attached!

This Momentum Orange series is a sexy series that incorporates techniques such as mesh and harnesses! The design emphasizes the craftsman's commitment to the craftsmanship...!
It looks pretty exciting too! !

As for the product specifications.
It closes in the front, and the elastic waist has a three-dimensional embroidered logo!
The texture that cannot be expressed with prints makes you feel the difference in quality due to handwork!
The silhouette fits the body and expresses the beautiful lines of the body from the hips to the front. This series is packed with private structure techniques such as harness specifications and mesh to make your body look even sexier!

Private Structure Sexy Line Momentum Orange. The back style is see-through and very exciting!

There are numbers printed on the packages of this series.
What number is it? ! When I checked, I was told that there are actually a lot of steps involved in sewing! !
so much? ! There is a number written on it, so please check it when you receive it!
And I would be happy if you could think of distant Malaysia and say thank you to the craftsmen for taking so much time☆

The half-see-through mesh material is dry to the touch, but soft to the touch.
Holds without damaging the skin. The base material is also stretchy and has functional aspects such as ease of movement and breathability!

Many people have already posted photos of themselves wearing the shoes on Twitter and Instagram, and I'm sure many of you have already seen them.
The front design is distinctive and eye-catching, but the back style is also really nice! It's sure to make your hips look sexier! !
Men's underwear that comes with a harness is quite rare!
Among these few designs, the design and color are not only sexy, but are highly praised☆

The designs with harnesses are the most eye-catching, but there are also colorful ones like white and turquoise that don't come with harnesses but have cute holes at the top of the back or are see-through across the hips!
At first glance, it looks like these briefs have a bit of a sophisticated design, but the see-through design at the hips allows you to make a statement!
This is recommended for those who feel that harnesses are a little difficult to overcome! !
The design is not too sexy, but it stands out from the others! !

Private Structure Momentum Orange. Designed with see-through front and back parts without a harness.

The Christmas season is upon us, and after that, the NEW YEAR season! !
Private parties and large public parties. I think it's the season when all kinds of parties start, so be sure to go out equipped with this Momentum Orange...!
Of course, I think it would be a good idea to enjoy this elaborate and sexy design for yourself...! !

This time, I put a lot of effort into introducing Momentum Orange, which seems to be a synonym for private structures! !
Because I really recommend it! This can't be helped.
If I were to buy more, which one should I buy? I'm worried about this... Shopping is fun even if you worry about it! !
But if you worry too much, you might end up selling out the item you were aiming for...? !
Intuitively, this is it! You might be able to get something like that! !
Find your favorite design!

It's going to get colder and colder from now on, so please take care of your health!
Private structure pants are so cute! Don't spend a long time in moderation...!

next time! We would like to introduce the simple and extremely comfortable CLASSIC series, which is popular even in private structures!
Please look forward to it! !
See you again in the next blog☆