Limited Collection【Alpha】について

About Limited Collection [Alpha]

This season's sexiest underwear [Alpha] is now in stock. The design is very revealing and sexy. It has a racy feel that only overseas brands can offer, such as the...
CLASSIC 7colors入荷しました。

CLASSIC 7colors are now in stock.

Have you seen the new classic 7colors yet? This time, we made pants made of extremely soft viscose and polyurethane material. There are thin ridges on the surface, so even...
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2023年新作第一弾 Limited Collection Barn Boy

First new product in 2023 Limited Collection Barn Boy

Private Structure’s new 2023 series “Limited collection-Barn Boy”

The limited edition collection will be on sale soon!

It features a blend of bamboo fiber viscose that is very soft to the touch, the currently popular US DuPont Sorona fiber, and an elaborate denim-like design!

I went to Toka Ebisu!

hello everyone! It's been a long time...I'm Matsumoto in charge! This will be the first blog of the new year! I'm very late, but Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued support of PRIVATE STRUCTURE this year! ! There is also Tokaebisu Shrine in Fukuoka, where a large New Year festival was held. After all, God of business prosperity! We have no choice but to ask Mr. Ebisu for the future of PRIVATE STRUCTURE JAPAN. We have also decided to release new products one after another in 2023! Please look forward to it!
プライベートストラクチャー5th elementシリーズのサムネ画像

[5th ​​element]

Introducing 5th element, a new series that went on sale in November. This series, designed based on the Chinese philosophy of the Five Classics, is a set of 3 pieces, each with a color composition based on the motif. All are mini briefs, and the waist elastic is thin.
プライベートストラクチャー モダリティシリーズのブログサムネ


This time we will be introducing the MODALITY series, which has a simple design and is made from fibers made from naturally derived beech wood chips. We offer briefs, boxers, and lounge shorts, and the three types have a uniform color scheme, making them a stylish series.
プライベートストラクチャー ブラックフライデーのサムネ画像。お得なセール商品をピックアップして記事にしています。


BLACK FRIDAY SALE held! ! This time, with the exception of some items, most items are on sale, making it a great sale! We have selected a few series and will introduce them to you. We also introduce a series that matches the lucky colors of 2023! Don't miss this great opportunity to get your favorites! !


Introducing the PRD series, which is popular among private structures. Many of the PRD series have relatively simple designs with rainbow pistons. There are brief types and boxer types, and the new design released this year in 2022 comes in a set of two and can be purchased at a great value.
プライベートストラクチャー ESSENCEシリーズサムネ


Introducing the ESSENCE series.The ESSENCE series is a series that incorporates the stylish essence necessary for men's underwear. The waist elastic is thin, and there are no reprints, so once it's sold out, it won't be restocked!
There are three types available, including the 5th element series, which was released in November, and Muay Thai.
プライベートストラクチャー MO-LITEシリーズ作成サムネ画像。


This time we would like to introduce the MO-LITE series! The MO-LITE series is made of stretch cotton material and has a beautiful silhouette, but the MO-LITE series is also characterized by its simple design and rich coloring. We have 3 types of popular white alone, so be sure to check it out!

Kyushu Rainbow Pride

I went to the Kyushu Rainbow Pride held in Fukuoka the other day! This was my first time participating, and I was surprised by the scale of the event, with so many people attending and all kinds of people participating! I hope to be able to participate in Private Structure next time! It's only a little bit, but I'm reporting on the situation!

●Singles Day SALE?!

Did you know that November 11th is called Singles' Day? ! It is an event that started in China , and is called ``Guangjian'' in Chinese.On this Singles' Day, a large-scale sale is held, and a large amount of money is said to be flowing in China alone! In recent years, it has become common in Japan, and it seems that even in Japan, it has become a part of the culture that came from overseas, similar to Black Friday, where sales are held! PRIVATESTRUCTURE JAPAN will also be holding a SALE in conjunction with this Singles' Day! For details, please go to the SALE venue from TOP PAGE!