Classic new series 7colors

Have you seen the new classic 7colors yet?

This time, we made pants made of extremely soft viscose and polyurethane material.

There are thin ridges on the surface, so even if you wear it for a long time, it won't stick and you can wear it comfortably.

Classic 7colors material description

The waist logo is still popular white base. The back logo is also stylish! When boxer shorts and briefs come in 7 colors, it will tickle your collector's heart and make you want to collect them.

About the specifications of CLASSIC 7colors

The front has a three-dimensional cut. It has a nice fit, but thanks to the front cup, you can wear it without feeling cramped. Above all, I like that it has a little volume!

Is the waist bigger than normal pants for a moment? You may think so, but since it is a low-rise design, the waist size is calculated to accommodate the amount of wear at the waist.

What color should I wear tomorrow? These pants will make you feel happy.

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