Private structure logo. This time we will introduce the Essence series. This series adds the necessary stylish essence.
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In Kyushu, where Private Structure is based, the days are relatively warm even though it's November!
However, the leaves have already started to change color, and it really feels like autumn these days.
Recently, when I go to restaurants, I often see signs that say, "We are now accepting reservations for year-end parties!"
Do year-end parties start around the beginning of December? ? Is it peak time before Christmas? ?
This year, you want to enjoy year-end parties, Christmas, and New Year's events without worrying about what others think.

Well, today! We would like to introduce the [ESSENNCE] series!

The concept of this series is a series that incorporates the stylish essence necessary for men's underwear!

The first item we will introduce is briefs with a narrow elastic waistband, which is rare for private structures.
The design is very simple, but the waist elastic, which is the main point, is available in black or metallic depending on the color, and the buckle has a logo, making it a product that definitely incorporates the essence of fashion!

Private Structure Essence Series. It is a type with a thin elastic waistband, and the elastic is available in six colors, including black and metallic.

Another feature of this Essence series is that even popular designs are not reprinted!
So once it's announced, it's over as soon as it's created.
If there is a design you like, we recommend getting it early! !

Next up is the Muay Thai series, which was also very popular!
As the name suggests, this is designed with the image of the martial art Muay Thai in mind, and is made of black fabric with an elastic waistband in a cute four-color design!

Private Structure's Muay Thai series. This photo was used when recruiting monitors on Twitter, and it was very popular.
Muay Thai previously held a monitor campaign on Twitter, looking for monitors, and we received so many applications! !
Because it's cute.
This is also limited to stock, without reprints, and there are quite a few in stock, so hurry up! !

And finally!
The [5th elements] series just started selling in November! !

5TH ELEMENT series, a new private structure product. This is a series designed based on the Chinese theory of the five elements, and is a great value set of 3 pieces.

This is a series designed based on the Five Elements philosophy, which is a philosophy of natural philosophy originating from China that says, ``All things are made up of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.''
And it's a super value series of 3-piece sets with color compositions based on each! !

If you see a color that catches your eye, please get it!
5,900 yen for 3 pieces is just under 2,000 yen per piece, right? ! It's a great deal!
It's okay to wear three pieces by yourself. You can also wear similar colors with your friends or partner. It's also good to exchange gifts at Christmas.
The ways to use it are endless! ! I said too much! There are many patterns!

Also, the waist elastic part of this one is thinner, so even people who find thick elastic bands uncomfortable will find it a nice fit!

What did you think? ?
This is my first time buying pants from the ESSENCE series, which have a simpler and more private structure than other series! Recommended for everyone!
Of course, we would also like to recommend our first 3-piece set to all of our regular customers! !

Thank you for staying with us until the end!
It's almost time for everyone to seriously think about Christmas presents and New Year's gifts (?!). Please consider Private Structure's stylish and cute pants as well!

Also, all the women who want to give gifts to men!
We also have other designs that are perfect for gifts from women to men!
Some of the staff at Private Structure are women, so if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or use the inquiry chat at the bottom right of the website!
We look forward to! !
Please look forward to the next blog! !