Private structure logo. We will introduce PS Sports, a sports line within a private structure.

hello everyone! I'm MG in charge of the blog!

Autumn is in full swing! Autumn for appetite, autumn for reading, autumn for sports
Which autumn are you enjoying? !

I think Private Structure's image as a men's underwear brand has become quite established.
In fact, on the other hand, we also put a lot of effort into sportswear!
Have you seen the PS Sports series on the website or Amazon? ?
We have tank tops, running shorts, and even swimwear! It's a swimsuit!
Each one also has a variety of unique designs.
We will introduce each one one by one!

Let's start with the tank top!

Introducing tank tops from Private Structure's PS Sports series. This is a party tank with a harness, but it has a design that won't float even if you wear it at a regular gym!

1.A casual fit tank top with a simple design that will be great at the gym.
It's popular among people who regularly go to the gym, and many people purchased it in different colors!
2. Type with bold side parts. Not only those who are physically fit, but also those who are currently in the middle of training, will be able to make their training progress by attracting attention first!
And this type. The design drawn is also unique and unique! Hot dogs, sausage, and potatoes! For those who are training, it may be harmful to your eyes, but I hope you will do your best while wearing this designed tank top!
3. The harness tank has a bold design of the Private Structure logo, and is designed to be a great addition to parties. There are 4 types of harness tanks here alone!
Of course, you can also wear it to training! It has a stylish design that is sure to get noticed at the gym!

Next up are running shorts!

Introducing Private Structure's PS Sports series running shorts. Simple shorts in 3 colors and unique shorts with a harness.

What is currently on sale
1. Popular running shorts with a simple design and a cool logo on the waist. All 3 colors!
Comes with an inner pocket, so it's perfect for running! Of course, you can also wear them for other sports, and the ease of movement is guaranteed!
2. Black-based running shorts. All 2 colors!
Like 1, it comes with an inner pocket, which is very convenient! A black orange with a black base and an orange line at the waist. There are also two types: black and green with a green line on the waist.
3. Garter rave shorts. This is a slightly sexy item with a garter and a large opening on the side. When I see someone wearing these next to me lifting dumbbells, I get a little nervous!
It's sure to get a lot of attention!

These three products are made of 100% polyester, dry quickly, and have a smooth feel that is comfortable to wear!
Next up is swimwear!

Private Structure PS Sports Series. Introducing swimwear. There are bikini types, boxer types, and boxer shorts types!
Broadly speaking, there are three types: bikini type, boxer type, and shorts type.
1. The popular bikini type also includes regular swimwear and a metallic type that can be used at parties!
Available in a wide variety of colors, this product is a must-have for those who use the pool at the gym!
White and blue seem to be especially popular, but the black one with stripes is also cute and recommended!
2. Boxer type comes in 3 colors! Is orange also popular? !
Light blue is also recommended for its exquisite paleness!
3.Shorts types available in 4 colors!
The navy stripe may be a rare item for an adult design with a vehicle printed on it!
The other three colors are simple types that can be worn by anyone and anyone can wear them beautifully!

The last item is a set of two Midwest boxers that were just released on November 4th!

It has excellent antibacterial properties, and is quick-drying and stretchy, making it a sports innerwear!
We recommend wearing it under the running shorts introduced at the beginning!
This is a set of 2 pieces x 2 types, so there are 4 colors in total.
Please use it for your daily training! !

I've introduced it to you in a hurry!
If you look at it this way, PS Sports has expanded its lineup of products!
I would like to see more products like this from Malaysian designers in the future! We are also talking about this, so please look forward to it!
And I would be happy if there was a design like this! If you have any opinions, please let us know in the comments!

It's going to be a cold season, but don't give up on the temperature! ! Let's do our best in training!
The staff at Private Structure JAPAN are also people who like training.
I would like to wear PS sports, train well, and build a healthy body! !