[Bamboo] Contour briefs of fiber viscose born from bamboo grove Peach beige

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◆Please put it in a laundry net and wash it with cold or lukewarm water.

◆Please refrain from using chlorine bleach or dryer as this may accelerate the deterioration of the fabric.

◆After washing, take it out immediately and dry it.

◆We recommend drying in the shade in a well-ventilated place.

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In Private Structure, we sell not only designs but also series that make use of the characteristics of various textile materials.

The Viscose From Bamboo series is based on viscose (a type of rayon), a fiber actually produced from bamboo, and features a wonderful glossy silky feel. Bamboo fiber also has excellent deodorant and bactericidal properties.

Please try the Viscose From Bamboo series, which is made of a very valuable material produced from the unique Asian plant "bamboo".

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Size: It is the same standard as JA size in Japan. Please check the size chart of various underwear for details.
Product number: PBUZ3748_Peach Beige
Material: Viscose made from bamboo 95% Elastane 5%

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How to care
★ Characteristics of viscose ★
Viscose is a fiber that is often used in gorgeous dresses, and it not only feels smooth and comfortable, but also looks like silk that glitters a little when exposed to light. It is characteristic. The private structure Bamboo series uses 95% bamboo grove-born viscose luxuriously, and the remaining 5% is made from a fabric mixed with elastane to compensate for the weaknesses of viscose such as shrinkage.
We will show you the maintenance method recommended by Private Structure to keep the pants that are comfortable to the touch and glitter and smooth for as long as possible.

★ Attention ★
◆ Please be sure to use the delicate net when washing. If possible, wash your hands and enjoy the wonderful features of viscose for a longer period of time.
◆ After dehydration, shape it and dry it in the shade in a place not exposed to direct sunlight. Please avoid wearing or leaving it wet for a long time.
◆ Avoid tumbler drying as it accelerates deformation and deterioration of the material.
◆ The color may fade the first time, so we recommend washing alone.

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