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Today's blog is written by Matsumoto, who loves laundry.

Lately, both the professional baseball and J League seasons have ended and I've been feeling a bit sad, but baseball is having a friendly game for the World Baseball Classic, and it seems like the soccer World Cup is coming up soon!
When it comes to special tournaments, you can't help but want to cheer with enthusiasm.
In soccer, the goal is to be in the top eight. I hope you do your best!

So without further ado, today I would like to introduce you to the care of Private Structure products.

How do you usually wash your pants? ?
I think there are many people who just throw it in the washing machine.
Because it's a pain.
However, since we are taking the trouble to deliver high-quality pants, we would like you to wash them more carefully than usual, even if it only takes a little bit.

We always attach images of how to wash clothes in our e-mail newsletters, but have you ever taken a look at them?
It's written in English, so it's a pain to read. Me too.
However, since this is a great opportunity, I would like to do my best to translate it into English and introduce it to you! (Actually, I just put it on a translator lol)
There are 3 photos in total, so let's take a look!

Notes on washing private structures. Explain why it is important to be careful when washing.

☆Why is laundry care instruction necessary? !

Have you ever noticed that your favorite clothes are damaged after you take them out of the washing machine? ! You may have experienced discoloration or shrinkage at least once.
This is a good time to wonder what you did wrong and wish you had paid more attention to the laundry labels on the inside of your clothes!
Laundry label symbols and pictograms are internationally recognized, and the ones we use are just some of them, which is why we need to explain them all in detail!

Precautions when washing private structures. Contains precautions regarding washing and bleaching.

The washing symbol is represented by a washing tub, and the number inside the washing tub indicates the maximum washing temperature in degrees Celsius. If the number ``40'' is written inside this mark, it means that it can be washed in a washing machine at 40℃ or below.

A triangle is a symbol for bleaching; a triangle alone means bleaching is permitted, and an x ​​in the triangle means bleaching is prohibited.

Notes on caring for private structures. I am writing about precautions for ironing, drying, and dry cleaning.

The number of cute little dots on the iron mark is the temperature assigned to the garment. One dot means that it is possible if the temperature is as low as 110

A circle inside a square symbol represents a clothes dryer or tumble dryer. Clothing with a cross over it indicates that it cannot withstand machine drying or tumble drying.

☆Dry Cleaning A circle mark means that dry cleaning is possible, and an x ​​mark means that dry cleaning is not possible.

...I tried translating it, but since I'm a casual person, I don't recognize international standard marks, so it's just gibberish (゚Д゚)

This is not good for the staff of Private Structure Japan! I will study!
I actually checked the product mark just now! It is like this!

Private structure laundry label. I took a photo of the actual product. There's a lot written on it.

This is a boxer type space pattern product from Private Structure's PRD series!
Compared to the description I introduced at the beginning, this product...
- Machine washable at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius - Do not bleach - Iron at low temperatures up to 110 degrees - Do not dry clean

That seems to be the case!
I myself recognized it for the first time! From now on, I will be careful about letting my husband do the laundry!

If you search for ``universal washing instructions,'' you will find more detailed marks, so please do your search!

Today's blog was written by myself and I learned a lot from it lol I'm going to take this opportunity to check out my own clothes as well!
From now on, it's the season where there are many items that require special care when washing, such as sweaters and coats. Especially if your sweater shrinks, it will be irreversible, so please take this opportunity to be careful!

This time, Matsumoto has brought it to you!
I'm not sure if I was able to write from a female perspective, but I'll see you in the next blog!
Thank you for reading until the end!