Private structure logo. This time, we would like to introduce in detail lounge shorts that are perfect as loungewear.
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The sun is setting earlier and earlier, and sunset is coming soon.
For some reason, this season feels lonely.
It's hot during the day, so I'm worried about what to wear! ! It’s hard to decide what to wear as room wear! !
Isn't there a lot of people like that? !

Today I would like to introduce lounge shorts that are recommended not only for summer but also as loungewear for this season! !

What are lounge shorts? ! Many people may think so!
When I looked it up, the definition was: ``Pants with a loose silhouette.Many of them have elastic or strings around the waist so they can be worn relaxedly.Since they are easy to wear, they are perfect as room wear.''・The result was...
The lounge shorts currently on sale at Private Structure come in three types with different fabrics.
One thing they all have in common is that they all have inner pockets!
I will introduce this inner pocket later.

First of all, let me introduce you!
My MG favorite is the MODALITY series lounge shorts!

The MODALITY series was originally made of modal fiber made from beech wood chips, making it an earth-friendly fiber that does not emit harmful substances when disposed of. Modal has a silk-like smoothness and luster, and has excellent moisture absorption and moisture release properties. It is also extremely soft to the touch, and is said to be twice as soft as cotton!

Lounge shorts made from such modal fiber.

Don't you think it's comfortable to wear just by imagining it? !

Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they also have a cute design!
Black fabric with turquoise private structure logo on the waist.
The other color is gray fabric with a pink logo on the waist!
The image is black x turquoise blue.

Modality black x turquoise lounge shorts. The elastic waistband has plenty of room, so you can wear it for long periods of time without any problems.

Isn't it so cute? !
Of the three types of lounge shorts, which one is the best for everyday wear? ! I personally think so!
If it's just a convenience store, you can leave it as is...!

Next up are lounge shorts made from 90% polyester.
This comes in 3 colors!
Since it's made of polyester, I think it's perfect for those who like a smooth and comfortable fit! !
Lounge shorts with private structure. The main component is polyester, making it smooth and comfortable to wear. It will be available in 3 colors in total.

They were so comfortable to wear that some people bought them on a whim!
Please let us join your room wear lineup☆

And the last one is a series made of 95% cotton!
There were various designs for this item, but they are almost all sold out. Currently on sale are the very few lemon prints left (we've restocked them because they were so popular!) and plain black and peach!
Peach is also cute. I don't have the courage to wear pink! If so, why not start with room wear?

The main ingredient here is cotton, so it's popular for its soft feel!

Lounge shorts with private structure. The main ingredient is cotton, which is soft to the touch, and in addition to peach and black, the popular lemon pattern is also back in stock!

The lemon pattern is really cute! !
Customers who purchased this item also commented that it's a pattern they don't normally buy, but they're glad they took the plunge and bought it! We have heard from you!

These lounge shorts have inner pockets! Although there is a notation, it does not refer to an ordinary pocket.
It's called a "scrotum separation cup," and it has a pocket-like separation cup on the front of the shorts, and that part has a double layered structure!
Therefore, it is difficult to hear outside, and it is difficult to get noticed, so it can be used as is at convenience stores. That's what I'm telling you!

I was looking for a good image. Look at the bottom left here!

Lounge shorts with private structure. This is an image to introduce the scrotal separation cup, and there is a tennis ball in the bottom left, so please imagine it.

I put a tennis ball in the inner cup part!
Can you imagine it a little? !
This is probably best if you don't actually wear it! It may be difficult to imagine this, but please try it on and experience the scrotal separation cup for yourself! !

I have introduced various things to you!
The most important thing I want to convey is that you can wear cute loungewear even at home and feel excited♡! !
It's going to get cold from now on, so I don't need it, right? ? You may think so, but these can of course also be used as regular pants!
This is a product that lets you kill two birds with one stone, so we highly recommend it ☆

See you soon! Please also check out the next blog! !
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section! !