Private structure logo. This time we will be introducing the unique bamboo series, which has a simple design made of bamboo fiber but comes in many colors!
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I went to the 100 yen shop today, and it was already full of Christmas items!
Christmas home decoration supplies and Christmas tree ornaments.
A wrapping set for Christmas presents!
You can find almost anything at 100 yen shops these days. And it's becoming a place where you can feel the seasons lol.

Today is just before Christmas! (Actually it's a little further away lol)
We would like to introduce the bamboo series! !

Bamboo is bamboo, right? Are those green pants? For those of you who think so!
Private Structure's bamboo series is underwear made from bamboo fiber fabric!
It's stretchy, fits your body, and allows you to wear it with a beautiful silhouette!
Unlike synthetic fibers, the material doesn't get stuffy, so you can wear it comfortably for long periods of time!

And as you can see when you look at the product, it's very pigmented! We have a variety of colors available, from glossy finishes and pale hues to bright colors that are close to primary colors!

This can be broadly divided into brief type and boxer type!
Both are closed in the front, and the elastic at the waist is embroidered for a three-dimensional look!
This is also the point of private structure! !

●Brief type

Bamboo series of private structures. This will be a briefs type. The glossy type is available in 5 colors in total.

The glossy type in the photo above comes in 5 colors, but we are currently selling 10 colors including other types!
With 10 colors, you might get confused, but I'm sure you'll find something you like, from pale tones to bright tones, black and navy, so please choose according to your intuition!

●Boxer type

Bamboo series of private structures. This is a boxer brief type. This glossy item is available in 4 colors. The fabric is also very soft and easy to wear.

There are actually two types of boxer types.
The general boxer type is the type shown in the image above.
This is also a shiny fabric, and although it has a simple design, it is unique and wonderful!
There are two types of pink. A calm pink beige and a clear blush pink. It might be a good idea to use different ones depending on your mood that day.

The other type is slightly longer mid-waist boxer briefs.

I think there are many people who say that they can't imagine the comfort of regular boxer briefs.
On the other hand, the slightly longer mid-waist boxer briefs do not slip easily even when you move, so they are recommended as innerwear for sports!
If you are a bit concerned about what's inside when you wear short bottoms such as running shorts, we recommend trying this!
The colors are white and blue. Blue is a very calming color, so I think it goes well with any color of running pants.

Private structure bamboo series. A mid-waist boxer type with an unusual design. The length is a little long, so it won't slip off easily, and I think it will be great as a sports innerwear.

And since the design is simple, it might be a good gift for women to men!
I think this is an easy product to buy for those who are thinking about giving pants as a gift for the first time!
It's like giving bamboo fiber pants as a gift. It's nice to see that you're thinking about a lot of things, isn't it? !
I'm sure the other person will be happy too. !

This time we are introducing the Bamboo series! How was that? !
It's very simple, but the luster makes it stand out and makes it a highly recommended series!

Thank you for reading until the end this time!
See you on the next blog! !