Private structure logo. This time we would like to introduce our new product 5th element series.
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Before we knew it, we were already in the second half of December! Is the Earth okay with the surprisingly cold days continuing? ! I'm feeling so anxious.
However, it seems that the situation continues to be difficult due to heavy snow on the Sea of ​​Japan side...
It's snowing here in Kyushu every day, and the days are cold.
It's really cold! !
And as a side note.
Apparently some people think that snow never accumulates in Kyushu!
It snows a lot in Kyushu. Fukuoka also experiences snow almost every year.
It may have a tropical image, but it's actually very cold.

Now! In this blog, I would like to introduce in detail about the new product [5th element] that has just been released!

An image of the new Private Structure product 5th element series. Five main colors are lined up.

This series is developed as the [ESSENCE] series.
Do you know the concept of the ESSENCE series? !
[Incorporating the stylish essence necessary for men's underwear]
It's a series!

Now, let's take a look at what essence has been incorporated into this 5th element series! !

First of all, what is the 5th element? ! I think so.
This was designed based on the ``Five Elements'' theory, which is a natural philosophy that originated in China and states that ``all things are made up of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.''

Based on this idea, there are five designs: earth (chi), water (sui), fire (ka), wind (fuu), and sky (kuu).
And what! This is a super value series of 3 pieces with color compositions based on each! !

Let's look at them one by one.

The color composition is inspired by the earth, such as soil and sand.
sand / nude quartz / moonstone

Private structure 5th element series. Introducing the three colors of ground.

A cool color composition inspired by water.
Steam Blue/Mist White/Deep Navy

Private structure 5th element series. Introducing the three colors of water.

③Fire (ka)
A warm-colored composition with the main image of fire.
Lava Orange / Sulfer Yellow / Frame Red

Private structure 5th element series. Introducing the three colors of fire.

④Wind (fuu)
Based on wind, images of warm wind and cold wind are created.
Lavender Breath / Mint Blow / Jasmine Spray

Private structure 5th element series. Introducing three colors of wind.

Cool color composition with the sky as a motif
Trinity Ash / Void Gray / Hollow Black

Private structure 5th element series. Introducing the three colors of the sky.

There may be some that you can't get an image of just by looking at the color name.
Is that also the designer's focus?
There is a wide range of colors even in one color, so I guess they are particular about it and don't stick to one color!

As you can see by looking at this color composition, this 5th elements series is a 3-piece set!
A set of 3 pieces costs 5,900 yen! It's a great deal! !

And this one has a narrow elastic waistband and a 5th element image tag!
Please look forward to seeing what kind of tag it is!

So far, we have introduced the new 5th element series one by one!
When I write this down again, it's a series that has a lot of attention to detail and yet is a great deal...!
By the way, my favorite is the Chi set!
They have some very rare colors, right? ! It's a color I've never bought before, so I'm looking forward to it!

Well, that's it for now...! Thank you for reading to the end!
We will continue to release new products on a regular basis, so we will keep you updated!
If you have any questions, comments or chat, please feel free to contact us! !