hello everyone! It's been a long time...I'm Matsumoto in charge!
This will be the first blog of the new year!
I'm very late, but Happy New Year!
Thank you for your continued support of PRIVATE STRUCTURE this year! !

Well, that's today's article!
There is also Tokaebisu Shrine in Fukuoka, where the New Year festival was held, and all the staff visited there.
(Actually, I visited each shrine separately lol)

After all, God of business prosperity!
We have no choice but to ask Mr. Ebisu for the future of PRIVATE STRUCTURE JAPAN.

As many of you may know, Toka Ebisu is, as the name suggests, January 10th is the main day of the festival!
The night before that is Yoi no Ebisu. Is it positioned like New Year's Eve?
The day after the performance, people visit the shrine as a remaining blessing.

I, Matsumoto, went to Ebisu in the evening and the rest of the day for two days! !

I went to Ebisu in the evening after 8pm, but I still had to wait in line for 1 hour and 15 minutes...

  1. Photos of Fukuoka Toka Ebisu Yoi no Ebisu visited by Private Structure staff

On the 11th day of my remaining fortune, I left home at 8am! ! I was able to visit the shrine with zero waiting time! !

  1. Photos of Fukuoka Tokaebisu Shrine Zarifuku worship accompanied by private structure staff

There weren't too many people, so I visited the main shrine twice and the back of Ebisu twice.
I couldn't help it.

Ura Ebisu seems to have become famous recently, and there is a long line here too!
Until a few years ago, I was able to visit the temple without lining up.
Ura Ebisu is lined with Ebisu statues that can only be seen during this New Year's festival! !
(Sorry if you can see anything other than the New Year Festival💦)

  1. Private Structure staff visited Ebisu behind Fukuoka Tokaebisu Shrine

Of course, the content of the visit is...!
We hope that many people will know about PRIVATE STRUCTURE!
I hope your sales will increase even more! ! ←Sorry to be honest.

That's all there is to it! !
However, it all depends on our own efforts! !
All of our staff will do their best to fulfill your request as an expression of our determination!

We have received word from our Malaysian headquarters that a new product will be released in 2023.
There are several types...!
From simple designs to colorful pants!
Of course, briefs and boxers will be released one after another! !
Please look forward to it!
As soon as the release date is decided, we will let you know as soon as possible! !

See you soon!
We wish you all the best in 2023!
Thank you for your interest in PRIVATE STRUCTURE! !