Private Structure Japan logo. Private Structure Japan sells men's underwear in a variety of designs, including briefs and boxer shorts, as well as jockstraps and swimwear, to satisfy everyone.

nice to meet you! Thank you for opening this blog! !

Private Structure Japan officially opened in August 2022 this year, and more and more people are getting to know about it!
Thank you for all the likes and comments on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc...!
I'm so happy and happy when I see people uploading photos of themselves wearing it! All the staff are very happy! !

In order to let more and more people know! I want to start a blog today! !
I have a feeling that the update frequency will be a little less frequent, but I hope you look forward to it! !

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Today, for the first time, we will introduce you to the history of private structures!

Do you know in which country Private Structures originated? !
Wasn't it America? ! I know it's Asia! I think there are many people who think that...Private Structure was born in Malaysia in 1999!
The workshop is also located in Malaysia, and the products are carefully finished by unique craftsmen who have technical skills and policies!
I've been using a historic sewing machine for a long time, and even if I can't mass produce it, I put a lot of thought into each piece.

A view of Private Structure's workshop in Malaysia. Private Structure's products are hand-packed one by one by craftsmen after the fabric is cut, sewn, ironed, and quality checked. Private Structure's products are filled with the individuality and technical capabilities of the craftsmen.

Currently sold in over 20 countries besides Malaysia!

It is loved by many people not only in Asia such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, but also in Europe and America.
In Japan, Mahodama is only sold online, but overseas they have stores in department stores.

We will do our best to allow everyone to see, pick up and shop in Japan as soon as possible...

Also, to introduce you to overseas, there are many shows and events held here! I haven't actually participated in it yet, but it seems like a pretty hot show is being held!

There are many videos posted on YouTube, including shows announcing our new products, as well as sponsors of the White Party in Thailand, so be sure to check them out when you have time! !
This is a video from a while ago, but it's from the Private Structure fashion show held in Malaysia!

Now. It has officially opened in Japan.
Why should we bring this private structure to Japan? ! Did you think so?
Simply because I love this brand! ! What is it? (Actually, I used to use it because I thought it was the best value for money lol)
And his technical skills are really high!
Our company has been manufacturing to order for very famous overseas high-end brands and American sports manufacturers, so our technical capabilities are guaranteed.

Private Structure started in 1999, but the history began with this product...! There seems to be a story like this, right? !
After researching, it seems that various designs have been released all at once, and this product is Private Structure's first original! I couldn't find anything like...
That kind of drastic feel is also one of the reasons I love this brand so much!

I've written a lot about it.
Anyway, I personally love this brand, and I would like to continue introducing it on this blog so that more people can know about it!
I want you to write articles like this too! If you have any requests, please let us know!
Please feel free to contact us with any other questions regarding our products! !

As I mentioned at the beginning, Private Structure Japan
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As the weather gets colder and colder, I hope you can wear your private structure inside your clothes and feel HOT! !
See you again in the next blog☆