Private structure logo. We would like to introduce you to the Classic Rayon series, which comes in two types: brief type and supoburi type!

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In the blink of an eye, there are only a few left this year.
When I think about the end of the year and the New Year, I remember that when I was a child, my mother used to buy me a new set of pants and pajamas every New Year's Eve...
But it's still too early for the New Year... let's get back to reality and introduce them! !

As the title suggests, this time we would like to introduce the Classic Rayon series!

First of all, there is a series of private structures called CLASSIC.
A series made of stretch cotton made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex was released before this rayon.
This one also had a cute design and came with briefs and boxers!
(We still have some in stock, so be sure to check it out ☆)

What we are introducing this time is a series that uses bamboo fibers that are 93% viscose and 7% spandex!

Bamboo fiber exists! Isn't there a lot of people who thought that? !
I was one of them too!
Bamboo fiber (bamboo rayon) is an artificial product made by melting bamboo and extracting the fibers.
It is said to be an environmentally friendly chemical fiber!

Using such bamboo fiber, the uneven ripple fabric is made as is.
Both cotton and bamboo fiber (bamboo cloth) are naturally derived fibers, but this Classic Rayon series is even softer than cotton and causes less friction and irritation to the skin, so it is recommended for those with sensitive skin! !

The Classic Rayon series has two types: mini briefs and high-cut tanga (sports briefs)!

Mini briefs are the most common briefs you might imagine.

Private structure classic rayon series. The color of the mini briefs will be wasabi.

It has a slightly retro feel, and the elastic waistband has a fresh feel.
I think this is a product that is easy to pick up!

On the other hand, high-cut tanga (sports briefs)...I call them Supoburi, so I'll call them Supoburi here as well!
Spoburi has a notch in the front, making it very easy to move!

Private structure classic rayon series. Cutway tanga type briefs. Sports briefs may be the familiar name.

This product is a must-have for anyone looking for sports innerwear! !
Also, many people say that it makes you look sexy, so why not wear it on days when you don't have enough stimulation in your daily life? !
A normal day. Of course it is OK for everyday use! !

Another feature of this classic rayon series is that it comes in many colors! !

Both mini briefs and Spobris will be available in 5 colors!
All the colors have a calming feel that matches the soft image of bamboo fibers.

The most popular color in both types is white.
It has a clean and mature feel and seems to be popular with many people!
The pink is a calm pink, so you can wear it cutely without being flashy.

Wasabi, which has a unique name, is also recommended!
As the name suggests, it is a wasabi color! This one also comes in calm colors, so I think you can wear it in a mature manner.

Baby blue and black are classic images!
We previously ran a campaign on Twitter to give away this classic rayon, and it seems like most people wanted baby blue next to white.

Black is simple and I think even beginners of private structures can easily accept it.
If you're sending it as a gift or buying it for your family, black might be a good choice!

What did you think? !
Classic rayon with a simple and classic design.
They are also very comfortable to wear, so I hope this series continues to be loved by many people!
Please feel free to pick it up and check out the texture!

And the video at the beginning!
There is an official YouTube of Private Structure JAPAN!
We will be adding more and more videos from now on, so please check back! !

See you soon! Don't let the change of seasons ruin your health!
Please take care of yourself!

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