Private structure logo. This time we would like to introduce a series made from environmentally friendly Tencel fiber.

hello everyone! This is MG in charge!
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It was quite chilly during the day today, and it felt like autumn was setting in.
I have two cats in my house, and their nap positions change depending on the temperature.
Lately, my cat has been sleeping snugly on the cushions, so I feel like it's getting pretty cold every day when I look at my cat.
I think it's time to take out the kotatsu.

Well, that's it for today!
Introducing the TENCEL series, a briefs-only series that is rare among private structures! !

First of all, what is Tencel? That's the part.
Tencel is a type of fiber made from wood pulp!
It is an eco-friendly material that is very considerate of nature.
What's more, when you no longer need it, you can bury it in the ground and it will return to nature! amazing!
If you feel like you can't wear your pants anymore, bury them in the ground!

and! The four main characteristics of Tencel are that the fabric is soft, stretchy, shiny, and highly moisturizing.
Don't you feel like wearing them just by hearing this? !

The downside is that it wrinkles a little easily. It doesn't bother me that much because it's pants, right? !

I think I can tell by now that it looks incredibly comfortable to wear!
Taking advantage of the characteristics of these fabrics, the TENCEL series has developed 5 types of sports briefs!
The base fabric is all white, but the logo on the elastic part of the waistline is colorful, and the design uses lines in the same color!

Private structure TENCEL series. The white briefs have a colorful logo designed on the waist, so you can wear them with your own personality.

Sports briefs...They are called ``spobris'' because they are long.
Spoburi has a sexy cut on the front, but it's really easy to move around in!
There are even people who, once they wear them for sports or everyday use, find themselves wishing they didn't have this type.
Some people may be a little reluctant at first, but we encourage you to give it a try!
Mothers of boys who are reading this blog!
It is also very useful during club activities.
The colorful logo on the waistline that shows through the uniform...isn't it nice? !
When I was a student, there weren't such fashionable boys... If there were, I'm sure it would be a hot topic! Too stylish!
I think it's a good idea to start wearing good pants from a young age.

At the beginning, this TENCEL series is only briefs! I informed you.
Following Spoburi is the normal brief type.

Private structure TENCEL series. Introducing the brief type.

This comes in two colors: one in the same color as Spoburi, and one based on black with orange and green waistlines!
I'm secretly thinking that it would be great if black was also available.
If anyone has the same opinion, please let me know! I will talk to a Malaysian designer! ! w

However, white pants are still very popular.
I get the impression that many people who are particular about their pants especially like white.
The model in the image is also sexy and clean in white briefs, and looks very nice! !
Please make this Tencel series a part of your pants collection! !
I think it would be cute if you matched it with the waistline.☆

Today we introduced the Tencel series!
What did you think? ! Now you want to wear them, right? !
In addition to the Tencel series, Spoburi is also available in the Classic Rayon series, so if you're looking for Spoburi, be sure to check that out as well!

My 2 cats are waiting patiently next to me, so I'm going to play with them!
If it's a kotatsu, it won't come out from inside, so I think I'll give it some exercise now lol
See you next time, please read the blog!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section!
Questions about cats are also welcome! ! w
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