Private structure logo. The Athlete series we are introducing this time is a series created with a sports theme, and is a product that we highly recommend not only to fashionable adults but also to students.
Hello everyone! !
I'm the only one (*^^)v Matsumoto from Private Structure JAPAN who will be in charge of this blog!

You may not be interested, but first I would like to introduce myself.

Until recently, I worked for a foreign airline company. However, it is not a star job such as CA.
All of a sudden, I was asked to work at the airport in the country where our headquarters is located for a month! I received such unreasonable orders.
But I had a pretty fun day.
Due to this coronavirus situation, planes are not flying...I haven't recovered very well...There was no talk of me being fired, but it was a great opportunity for me to reevaluate my life.

But what can I do if I only know the aviation industry? ! No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't find an answer, and I was in agony, but then by chance I heard about this job and decided to do it even though I wasn't invited! ! ! I was told that I was forced to do the job!

I had never really cared about men's underwear (although I occasionally saw men who felt like they should have worn something more formal).
Three pairs of my husband's pants cost 1,000 yen (lol)
Suddenly I was surrounded by these colorful pants!
Seeing the new design of pants for the first time!
My days are full of excitement (^^)

Surrounded by private structure pants, it's so cute!
Why is everyone so ephemeral! ? That's what I'm starting to think.
My favorite product is the Athlete Series that I will be introducing this time!
In one word, it's very cute! !
My subjective opinion alone is not enough, so I will seriously introduce the details!

The Athlete series includes briefs and boxer briefs, and both designs are very popular.

It closes in the front and comes in two types: briefs and boxers.
The waist elastic has a large logo embroidered on a black base!

The contrasting color piping is a very impressive and cute design!
Currently on sale in 5 colors!
Red: The white lines and black biping harmonize with the red fabric for a stylish look!
White: The red line stands out in the design, but it doesn't overwhelm the goodness of white briefs! Among all the briefs, this is my favorite!
Navy: Am I the only one who thinks of the combination of white lines and navy as a refreshing youth? ! Maybe you'll get a glimpse of it during club activities, or it might even make you more popular with girls? !
Dandelion Yellow: Wouldn't it be easier to try a yellow that's not too harsh? ! The contrast with the black biping also stands out☆
Black: Among the 5 colors, the only biping is red! So cute and cool! ! It has a sense of unity with the waist elastic, and is recommended for those who are trying out pants with a high design for the first time!

●Boxer briefs
The simple design makes the numbering stand out and looks great!
Just like the briefs, the elastic waistband has a large logo embroidered on a black base!
This is all 3 colors!
Red: Number 8! A calm red that isn't too bright may attract attention even when changing clothes in public. !
Black: No. 7! Black is my favorite color for boxers! The number glitters in the black design, making it a piece that will appeal to everyone!
White: No. 10! The design is so simple and easy to wear that you can wear it alone!

The base of both the briefs and boxer briefs is cotton stretch material, which provides a fitted silhouette that is stress-free even during active movements.
This is a series that you will want to incorporate into your gym or sports!

What did you think? !
The introduction contained a lot of Matsumoto's perspective, but did you get a sense of Matsumoto's feelings towards athletes? !

If you find yourself posting things on Twitter or Instagram that endorse athletes, please contact us.
I'm sure Matsumoto posted that, so please remember this blog post (lol)

I think the athlete series is a type of pants that women also like. I think!
I'm sure many women have the same opinion! With Christmas just around the corner, I want my partner to wear these stylish and cute pants too! If so, why not choose one as a gift? !

Even if you're thinking deep down that you want to change all of your partner's pants...
Christmas. birthday. anniversary. Please give a private structure as a gift every time☆
I would like to continue to introduce other series from a female perspective!
I feel like I don't update often, but see you next time! Until the day we meet! !
We look forward to your continued support of Private Structure!