"Hubby and Laki" Concept and shipping policy

Thank you very much to visiting our website "Hubby and Laki".

We start this website operation for Japanese customers since JUNE 2021. It might sound funny, because this is Japanese website, and your payment will be settled by Japanese Yen. You may think is that ok for me to shop on this website? Or some of you will think Japanese website must be more expensive than the local one. Well .... it could be true, and I cannot guarantee the best price, but I will be super happy if you give us a chance to compare the price and shop with us sometimes.

But why a Japanese person is selling Malaysian brands underwear?

From my 10 years of journey in Asian countries, I could have wonderful experienced and met high-quality products from Asian countries. And this is kind of my dream and personal interests but, I really would like to introduce these great products in Japan and surprise the Japanese people. It can help to change Japanese people's impression to Asian countries.

I just imagine and smile when in our nearest future, we can see a lot of Japanese wearing Private Structure in Tokyo pride parade, and going out Shinjuku 2 Chome bar until morning.

As a Japanese, I also dream that Japan will be a multicultural diverse country.

Your shopping will support our dreams for Japan.

Shipping information

We will ship your parcel from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by Pos Malaysia or other courier services.

  • "Malaysia-Shipping fees will be 150JPY if your total shopping amount is below 2500JPY. We provide free shipping service if your shopping amount is above 2500JPY.
  • Taiwan-Shipping fees will be 1000JPY if your total shipping amount is below 3000JPY, and we will provide free shipping for more than 3000JPY shopping.
  • Hongkong and Macau-Shipping fees will be 1000JPY if your total shipping amount is below 3500JPY, and we will provide free shipping for more than 3500JPY shopping.

We will send domestic or international tracking code after shipping settled.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from "Contact us" page.

-------------------------------------------- ------------ "Hubby & Laki" -like philosophy and transportation expenses

Head of the head, Thanksgiving visit "Hubby & Laki", 倞 從 2021 Year 6 Monthly start of the month, 7 Monthly start of Taiwan Kokuya Japanese-style consignment service such as Macau.

Due to the fact that the network is erected in Japan, it is used at the time of credit card consolidation. It is possible to have a large number of people, and it is possible to have a Japanese network price.

Because of the cause of the neck, there is no difference in the seasons of Japanese and other nations, and it is possible to do so. It is a product that is organically selected and purchased.

What is the reason for one Japanese brand? Malaysian brand "Private Structure" 呢?

"Private Structure" is a well-known product, but it is a high-quality brand.

For the past 10 years, I have lived in various parts of Asia. A scholarly observation, a scholarly product, a scholarly scholarship in Japan, a scholarly scholarship, a scholarship, a scholarship, a scholarship, a scholarship, a scholarship, a scholarship, a scholarship, a scholarship, and a scholarship.

I'm an immortal trousers in Tokyo, a comrade in Tokyo, a pilgrimage to the Japanese people, " Private Structure ", Japanese and other Asian trousers.

I'm in a hurry "Hubby & Laki" A net purchase, Yusuke Yusuke's dream.

Travel expenses

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia: Purchase amount 2,500 days or more, liquor transportation cost 150 days; 2,500 days or more, exemption cost.

Taiwan; Purchase amount 3000 days or more, drinking fee 1000 days; 3000 days or more, exemption fee.

Hong Kong, Macau; Purchase amount of 3,500 days or more, liquor transportation cost of 1000 days; 3,500 days or more, exemption cost.

At the time of withdrawal, provided by Malaysia, Malaysia, Malaysia, or other nations.

Wakatsuki appointed What question, 歡 們 您 傡 歡 "Contact us"

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