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hello everyone! I'm Private Structure Japan's MG, and I'm in charge of the blog!
Thank you for opening the blog today!
I'm glad that this blog is gradually becoming available to everyone!
Everyone who came from Twitter!
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I know each blog is long and difficult to read, but please stick with me until the end!

Today, I would like to introduce the Pride series, which is a representative series of private structures, but which I completely forgot to introduce! !

Private Structure - Rainbow logo, symbol of the PRD series

All products in the PRD (Pride) series are decorated with rainbow colored pistons!
Many people may be struck by the two words "pride" and "rainbow."

The word "pride" is widely recognized internationally as a term that refers to the "parade of sexual minorities."
Also, the rainbow is generally known as a symbol of LGBT.

I thought I knew vaguely about Rainbow and Pride, but I had to do some research to write this blog!
Events are held all over the world, and the parade started in Japan in 1994.
Kyushu Rainbow Pride was recently held in Fukuoka. It looks like it will be held in Tokyo next April!

Now let's introduce Private Structure's [PRD] series!

This year alone, the PRD series has released two new designs each for briefs and boxers!
And both are great deals with 2-piece sets!

Each piece has a color theme, and each piece has a mark drawn on the waist buckle that matches the color theme!

I read that two types were released!
The series that was released earlier has a simple overall design, and both the briefs and boxers do not have the logo on the elastic waistband that is characteristic of Private Structure! !
To be honest, I was really surprised when I saw this series lol. Is there no need for embroidery on the waist? ! That's what I thought...
However, the buckle on the back is secure!
Marks of each theme are drawn!

This brief type has a private structure mark on the left side and two different colored lines on the right side!

The boxer shorts are even simpler, with the Private Structure logo on the left side just like the briefs, and two line-shaped stitches on the back made of similar colored thread!

And each color is 8 colors! There are 4 patterns as it is a set of 2 pieces.
It's simple, but it's rare to find a series that has the Private Strike Structure logo on the pants.
I don't like the thick elastic makes my stomach feel a little bitter...
Isn't this the perfect product for you? !
I don't think it will put any pressure on your stomach, so I think it's good for days when you want to relax!

And the other series is the same as the usual private structure design!
The Private Structure logo is embroidered on the thick elastic waist!
However, this one also has a simple design with a single color except for the waist elastic!

It's a little too plain...but it's also a little too flashy patterned...
Recommended for you! There are 8 colors in total, so please choose your favorite color!
There are also themes for color combinations, so it might be a good idea to choose according to the theme! !

So far, we have introduced two types released this year!
We are running out of stock of the previously released series, but we would like to introduce them to you.

First, a simple type of briefs and boxers.
Some of these briefs are biped depending on the color, so they have a simple yet unique design!
The boxer type has a unified design with one color!

Next is the patterned item sold as [PRD Limitetd]!
Patterned items are rare in private structures!
This was released in limited quantity, and sales will end with only 2 types left!
Currently on sale is a [spaceship] with a space motif design on a white base.
And [Universe] with a space motif design on a navy base.
Both have cute designs with space motifs!
please check it! !

It's been a little long.
The PRD series is one of Private Structure's main products, so I couldn't help but get excited...!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via comments or messages!
See you in the next blog! !