Private structure logo. This time we will introduce the modality series.
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The other day, I went to a live performance by my favorite artist. We're a group of three men.
Quiz competition during the live! Then, a 〇× quiz was held!
It's a live performance by three talented male artists.
One of the problems is, "The pants I'm wearing today have a pattern. Are they true or false?!"
There was a question, and the correct answer was 〇.
If you're so particular about your pants that you like them, I'd like to give them to you as a gift... That's what I thought from the bottom of my heart. But I don't know the size. Size is important...
If that artist were to join me, I'd be really glad I did this job. I will continue to work hard so that such a day will come!

Now! In this blog, I would like to introduce the [ MODALITY ] series!

Private Structure Modality Series Poster. Brief type and boxer type are listed.

series includes briefs, boxers, and even lounge shorts! !

First of all, the biggest feature of this series is that it is made of modal fiber made from beech wood chips!
Modal fibers have excellent moisture absorption and moisture release properties, making them cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making them comfortable to wear all year round!

Additionally, since it is made from plant-based fibers, it is said to be safe for people who don't like silk or have sensitive skin.

This series uses such modal fibers, but above all, it has a unified design! !
All types of briefs, boxers, and lounge shorts have a uniform coloring, and this design is key! If you like this series, you might want to collect as many copies as you can!

First of all, there are three types of briefs.
By matching the color of the private structure logo on the elastic waistband with the color of the vertical lines, you can see the attention to detail in the design, even though it is simple!
All three types are also very popular, but perhaps the gray main briefs are a little more popular.
The combination of gray and pink is popular in the MO-LITE series, and it's a combination that catches people's attention! It's very stylish!

Two-color image of Private Structure Modality series briefs
Currently, there are two types of boxers.

Here too, the color of the private structure logo on the waist elastic matches the color of the vertical lines, but there is also a line on the back that is not present on the briefs! Of course, this one also has the same coloring.

And finally, lounge shorts.

First of all, what are lounge shorts? ! As for this part, these shorts have an inner pocket, so they are fixed and won't be easily exposed to the outside.
What is an inner pocket? ! However, in Japanese, can you imagine a "scrotum separation cup"? !
Thanks to this cup, it's perfect for loungewear, and I think it's OK to go out as is at a nearby convenience store!

As for the design, there are currently three types available.
Black x Pink is a new color that started selling in November!
Why not collect lounge shorts that match the pants? !

Lounge shorts from the Private Structure Modality series. Available in 3 colors including the new color.

This time we have introduced the MODALITY series!
Again, this series uses fibers that are gentle on the skin, so if you have atopic dermatitis and want something less irritating to your skin, or if you have chemical sensitivities and want something naturally derived, this is a great choice. I would like you to try it!

Also, if you think it would be nice if your partner's underwear was smoother, why not choose this as a gift since Christmas is almost here? !
The design is simple and modern, so I think it's a design that's easy for the person receiving the gift to receive! !

I also only had the black-based version of this series, so I'm thinking of buying a gray-based version!
It's been cold in the mornings and evenings, so please take care of your health!
See you in the next blog! Thank you for reading until the end! !