This season's sexiest underwear [Alpha] is now in stock. The design is very revealing and sexy. It has a racy feel that only overseas brands can offer, such as the use of harnesses, mesh materials, and gloss! MOMENTUM ORANGE has a coolness to it.

There are a lot of sexy pants that emphasize only the crotch area, such as the elephant motif (aren't those sexy?), but I don't think I've seen many that are both sexy and cool.

I'm concerned about the comfort of the shoes, but contrary to their appearance, the mesh material is extremely soft, so they're extremely comfortable to wear. And the open design means it's breathable, so it's comfortable and doesn't get stuffy. The tightness of the harness is neither too tight nor too loose, making you feel very relaxed and perfect for everyday wear! Isn't that a little naughty to wear to work?

If you haven't worn this design yet, why not take this opportunity?

It's a limited collection, so it's only available this season, so if you're interested, hurry up!