Private structure logo. This blog is about our staff's trip to Kyushu Rainbow Pride!
Hello! This is Matsumoto, the only red one from Private Structure Japan!
I will be in charge of the blog today! Please stay with us until the end!

The other day, [Kyushu Rainbow Pride] was held at Reisen Park in Fukuoka City!
I, Matsumoto, recklessly rushed into that event by myself! lol

A flyer distributed on the day of Kyushu Rainbow Pride taken by Private Structure staff at the Kyushu Rainbow Pride venue.

I would like to add a little bit of information here. Many of you who purchased the item may already know the shipping address.

We, PRIVATESTRUCTURE JAPAN, are based in Fukuoka!
At work, the Hakata dialect is the norm, and I work hard every day even though I can smell the smell of pork as I walk a short distance.
It is located in a very convenient location between Hakata and Tenjin, near Nakasu, which is famous for its nightlife.
It is a place where the cherry blossoms are very beautiful in the spring, and you can often see office workers viewing them during their lunch breaks.
Anyway, Fukuoka is a very nice place!

Back to the story!
Kyushu Rainbow Pride was held at a physical venue for the first time in three years due to the coronavirus.
It was a huge event sponsored and sponsored by many companies including the Dutch Embassy, ​​Fukuoka City, Japan Airlines, and IKEA!
(The photo below is a space that looks like an IKEA booth and kids space)

Photos from Kyushu Rainbow Pride taken by Private Structure staff. It was a tree decorated with IKEA decorations and was used as a children's space.

There are many LGBT-related exhibits, and people of all ages, men and women, Japanese and foreigners alike, are welcome.

It was crowded with quite a lot of visitors,
According to the organizers, there were 10,000 visitors in one day!
That's amazing! I can't believe that an event like this can be held in Kyushu!

There was also a parade, and there were a huge number of participants!
I'm ashamed of myself for thinking that if there weren't enough people, I'd just jump in and participate...
It was paraded along a 3km road from Reisen to Tenjin to Hakata...

A photo of the parade team participating in Kyushu Rainbow Pride, taken by Private Structure staff.

At the beginning is the musical instrument group.
After that, people from each group followed!

Kyushu Rainbow Flag Parade photographed by Private Structure staff.

I was alone, but watching the parade group got me excited...!

I waved to the parade team (as I said many times, but by myself) and took photos and videos!

Everyone was wearing various costumes and rainbow masks, and they were walking around looking very happy and lively.
The weather was nice and I was really happy!

I was about to go home thinking, Wow, that was fun.
wait a minute! I want to exhibit this next year...! That's what I thought.
Please inquire at the headquarters.
Although I didn't have a business card with me, the head office director was kind enough to accommodate me and we talked about various things.
There is even a series of private structures called [PRD]!
I would like to help you with this next year!
Then I'll actually be able to meet you all!
Everyone would like to actually get their hands on the pants, right?
I'm talking about next year, but I'm secretly looking into the idea of ​​participating in an event in Tokyo in April lol.

Is it easy! We have delivered a report on Kyushu Rainbow Bride!
Things that you don't notice in your daily life,
The meaning of the word diversity,
It was a day that made me think about many things.
There are people in this world with different opinions, but if we respect each other, we should all be able to live a happy and wonderful life.
I would like more people to think about the importance of respecting each other.

Thank you again until the end!
Actually, I'm addicted to apps that let you accumulate walking miles, and thanks to Rainbow Pride, I was able to walk 10,000 steps that day! Lol, it's great to be healthy and accumulate miles!
I will continue to walk every day so that I can go to Rainbow Pride in Tokyo! See you again in the next blog!

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