Private structure logo. This time we will introduce the mo-lite series.
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The MG in charge will deliver this time as well!
It's suddenly getting cold! It's the season when it's hard to get out of bed...
It's heaven inside a warm futon. And spending your time in that heaven with nothing but panties is a paradise.
This is off-topic, but the other day there was a special feature on a TV program about whether it's necessary to open your pants in the front. ! There was a story like that.
In fact, even though I wear clothes that open in the front, I never use them...or rather, I don't really care about whether they open in the front or not.

However, I want something that opens in the front! I sometimes get requests for this, and I was just thinking that it varies from person to person, and then this TV special caught my eye.
According to it, there are quite a few men who use the open-front part!
That's surprising, isn't it? I was surprised because I thought people like me who don't use it are in the minority.
When I thought about it again, I realized that many Private Structure products also close in the front.
of course! There are also some that open in the front, so if you like to open in the front, please use those! Also, please wait for a new design with an open front!

Today, I would like to introduce the [ Mo-Lite ] series in detail!

The MO-LITE series comes in brief type and boxer type, and both of them close in the front! As expected, it closes in the front...!
The elastic waistband has a logo designed with 3D embroidery, and comes in a variety of colors!
Also, the color scheme line in the center of the logo is an accent, and although it is a subtle part, it makes you feel that you are particular about it!

It is also made of cotton stretch material, so it fits your body and has a beautiful silhouette!
It has excellent elasticity, so there is no problem with active movements! It has excellent breathability and moisture absorption, so you can wear it comfortably for long periods of time! It's also gentle on the skin, so it's a must-try product for those who have atopic dermatitis and find it itchy undergarments, or those who are chemically sensitive and can't wear foreign brands!

Also, new colors will be released in the summer, and there are so many colors to choose from! !
There are 11 types of briefs alone and 7 types of boxers!

Of these, the most popular color is white.
Throughout the entire series, white is popular, but I felt that briefs were more popular.
However, the white boxer type of this MO-LITE series is also very popular!

Private structure MOLITE series. This is an image of three popular types of white.

There are two types of white for briefs and boxers.
Is the secret to its popularity the design that contrasts with the color of the waistline? !
All of them are very cute, aren't they?

Another particularly popular item is the briefs type purple!
This color is very unique and has been well received!
I also think this color combination is innovative! This is one of my favorite pieces!

Private Structure MOLITE series popular color purple x pink brief type image

While the previous series has clear colors with a clear contrast between the elastic waistband and the color of the base, the four new summer briefs and four boxers are a little lighter in color, but with a slightly neon color. It has an exquisite coloring that makes you feel.
Even though they are from the same MO-LITE series, they look quite different just by changing the color!
If you have a favorite color, please try matching it all!

Private structure MOLITE series. 4 colors of briefs and 4 colors of boxers released in summer 2022

What did you think! ?
There are a lot of people who have posted about the MO-LITE series on Twitter , so I've seen it! I think there were many people who said that. !
I definitely haven’t been there yet! ! I would be happy if you could enjoy this exquisite coloring!

Thank you again for sticking with me until the end!
It's getting colder and colder, so please take care of yourself!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to seeing you!