Private structure logo. I am writing an article about the Black Friday sale.
hello everyone! I'm MG in charge of Private Structure Blog!

Today is! As the title says! !
Notice about Black Friday sale! !

I'm sorry for not letting you know before the start...but!
We have a pretty great sale going on, so be sure to check it out!
Even those items that don't usually go on sale!
Also that new product! !
Most of the products are on sale, except for a few!

We will introduce some particularly recommended products! !

First of all, the [MO-LITE] series will be available at SALE price for the first time! !

MO-LITE series pop. A piece with an impressive combination of pink and blue.

This is a very popular item as it comes in a variety of colors and features a color combination design!
I think there are many people who like white yellowtail, and there are two types of white yellowtail, so be sure to add them to your collection!

Next is the [MomentamOrange] series, which has a sexy line and many core fans.

momentum orange poster. This is a series of sexy lines using harnesses.

Some of these were on sale at the previous SINGLES DAY SALE, but wow!
This time, we are also targeting new products that were just released this summer!
This surprised me too! ! lol
picture? ! Are you going to put it on SALE price already? ! I asked back...that's how popular this product is!
Also, this series is almost never restocked, so it's first come, first served...!
If you have your own size, please do! Immediately! Please take a moment!

And this is also the first sale price of the [PS SPORTS] series!

Private structure PS sports series. Discount on running shorts

Unfortunately, tops are not eligible, but running shorts and the recently released two-piece set of mid-waist boxers are also eligible!
We recommend trying the running shorts and mid-waist boxers, which are sports innerwear, as a set! !

If you think running shorts are too short, wear these long mid-waist boxers underneath and go outside! ! !

I picked up a few items, but as you'll see when you take a look, quite a few are on sale! !
It's a really great deal, so if you see a product you like at first sight, buy it right away...If you want to take your time choosing it, you can buy it before the size runs out...there's only a few days until the end! ! Don't miss out on this great sale! !

The illuminations in the city are beautiful.
When you hear the word Black Friday while looking at the illuminations, don't you feel like Christmas is just around the corner? !
Black Friday has become such a popular event!
That's a blessing...!

And as soon as Christmas is over, the New Year is right around the corner...!
In order to welcome the new year with a new spirit, we recommend trying new underwear!
Don't forget to prepare Toshiko for this great opportunity! !

By the way, I did some research and found out that the lucky color for 2023 is

orange, green, white, gold

That's right! !

Orange = ESSENCE, Momentam Orange, PRD
Green = Mo-Lite, PRD, Bamboo
White = Almost all series including Athlete, CLASSIC Gold = Tencel

Please look for it!
I hope 2023 will be a good year for everyone...!
There's still one month left this year, but let's do our best in the last spurt of 2022 so we can have a good year! !