Private structure logo. We're talking about Singles' Day on November 11th. Also information on special sales!
hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog today!
MG will be in charge today too!
I am writing this blog in the warm sunshine today.
Although it's November, the days are still warm, so you can wear just lounge shorts around the house!
The new color black x pink has also come out, and I think I'll buy it again ☆

A new product with a pink logo on the black fabric, the new color of the Private Structure MODALITY series lounge shorts.

Now! November 11th is almost here! In Japan, it was originally Pocky Day! That's why it was a famous day.
You can even do the Pocky dance, and Yui Aragaki's commercial was so cute that it left an impression on me - it was the best.
Pocky Day is November 11th, but haven't you heard of Singles' Day lately? !

This Singles' Day seems to have started in China, and everyone is watching it on TV.
``On Singles' Day alone, online shopping sales amounted to 0 trillion yen!''
Have you ever seen something like ``16 trillion yen of money moved in one day!''? !

Recently, Singles' Day has become popular in Japan, just like other cultures introduced from overseas such as Black Friday! !
Private Structure is a popular brand in Hong Kong, and Malaysia, where it is based, is also paying attention to this event, and there is also a sale going on!

Why did Singles' Day start in the first place? So I did a little research!

November 11th in China is called ``Koukonsetsu, 光棍节'', and because the date is lined with ``1'', which is associated with one person, it has become widely known as Singles' Day. It seems like it is.
``Guangdan'' is a Chinese word that means single person, and it is said to be a commemorative day started by Nanjing University students in 1993!
It spread to the general public through the media, and it became a day for young single people to gather and hold parties, for single people to look for marriage partners, and it became popular to give gifts.

It was started by a university student...!
No way, right? Should I make some kind of anniversary for my private structure? ? If so, what should it come from? !
Pants Day on August 2nd has already become popular...
If anyone has any ideas please let me know! !

And Singles Day is on November 11th this year!
We at Private Structure Japan are also planning to hold a super sale! In fact, we are quietly starting today! LOL How much will it cost? ! I didn't know that.

I was surprised when I saw the SALE page! !

Private Structure November 11th Singles Day Special Sale Banner. Popular items are on sale starting from 1111 yen! !

Is it okay to make such a popular series cheaper? ! This is the situation!
This is surprising. If you haven't tried Private Structure yet, please take this opportunity to try it out!
There is no button to check whether you are single on the payment page!

Whether you are single or not, give it as a gift to someone who is single or give it as a gift to someone who is not.
Everyone, please choose carefully! !

See you soon!
There are only 3 days left until the single Japan episode!
It was a flying announcement! See you on the next blog! !
Please leave a comment with your impressions of the products you got at SINGLES DAY SALE!
We also look forward to your product reviews if possible! !