About product delivery

● In-stock items

We will ship by mail with tracking number within 2 business days after payment is completed. It usually arrives within 2-3 days after shipping (excluding some remote islands).

● Reserved items / ordered items

Private Structure After shipping from the head office to the shipping center in Japan, we will mail it to your home.

Shipping method and shipping fee

◆ Mail service

It will be delivered to the mailbox by mail with a tracking number. As of October 30, 90% of the stock is shipped from the shipping center in Japan.

Mail shipping:

~ 2,999 yen

200 yen

3,000 yen ~


◆ For overseas direct delivery (selectable when making a reservation or ordering)

We will send it by Kokusai Takkyubin with a tracking number at a flat rate in Japan. The shipping fee varies depending on the weight, so please check the payment page.

Estimated shipping cost for overseas direct delivery:

  • For pants
1-3 points
900 yen
4-5 points
1,400 yen
6-9 points
1,800 yen
10 points ~
  • For tank tops and swimwear
1-2 points
900 yen
3-4 points
1,400 yen
5-7 points
1,800 yen
8-9 points
2,200 yen
10 points ~

Please check the payment page for shipping charges outside Japan.

* Due to the influence of the coronavirus, the handling of small packs (small standard mail) with reasonable shipping costs is currently suspended. In addition, since surcharges are added to major Western Takkyubin, the shipping fee is set higher than usual.

If there is an announcement that each company will resume handling or the surcharge has ended, we will reduce the shipping cost of our shop.

Estimated delivery time for overseas direct delivery:

We use a delivery method with a tracking number to ensure delivery to our customers. Basically, it will arrive in 5 to 7 days after the shipment is completed. (In the case of remote islands, it may take another 1 to 2 days.) This does not apply in areas where natural disasters or large-scale events are held. Please note.

Damage during delivery

When packing, we will prepare for shipping with due consideration so that the outer box will not be scratched or dented, but after delivery to the delivery company, due to some trouble during transportation or the responsibility of the delivery company There is a possibility of damage. Please forgive scratches and dents on the outer box that do not interfere with the use of the main unit. In addition, if the product is damaged during transportation, the insurance of the shipping company may be applicable, so please contact us once.

Other import taxes

Please note that you may be required to pay customs duty, consumption tax, etc. if the import is determined to be imported for resale by customs inspection.
Customs duty and consumption tax for personal imports are basically exempted up to a total amount of 16000 yen. The tariff rate from Malaysia to Japan is 0% to 10% depending on the material of the product. If the customs decide that the import is for resale, you will need to explain to the customs, apply for exemption, or pay the customs duty.