Private Structure Official sports towel will be presented.

Private Structure Official Sports Towel 2022 model will be presented to all customers who purchase a total of 11,000 yen or more, including products subject to the campaign such as PRD and CLASSIC of Private Structure during the campaign period.

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There is also a PRD

Period: March 1, 2022 ~

Target: Private structure products that include [CLASSIC] or [PRD] items, and the total amount of each purchase is 11,000 yen or more.

Shipping: We will ship the item together with the purchased item, but it may be shipped separately depending on the number of items in stock.

Please note that you cannot specify the type of towel.

This campaign will end as soon as the sports towels are out of stock.

2021 model

2022 model-Classic White, PRD blue, Signature gray